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History of the Temple

Center "Gelios":
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History of the Temple

On the 18th of February 2000 priest Alexandr Zachkarov and the director of centre "Gelios" Valentina Urbanovich decided to open a home temple on the base of the Centre "Gelios" taking into account the Federal law "About freedom of conscience and religious communities", which says directly about the right to conduct religious services in hospitals, children's homes, homes for disabled, prisons and etc. For requests of the people who inhabit these institutions in premises especcialy singled? out for these aims by administrations. This idea was blessed by St.-Petersburg and Ladoga Metroplitan - Vladimir and supported by the chairman of the Education committee of St.-Petersburg - Vladimir Krilichevskyi.

One of the "Gelios" Centre's premises was restored by the collaborators, people and pupils of the children's home and was given as a Temple, named in a Honour of the icon God's Mother "Derzhavnaya".

On the 15th of March 2000 the first patron Saint's Day was held.

On the 27th of May 2001 the icon of St.Cesarevich Alexey was gifted ti the Temple by the icon-paintor Igor Kalugin.

In September 2002 - September 2003 services in the Temple were stopped temporary. In September 2003 the services were renewed.

On the 18th of the September Dimitryi Kuligin became the Senior Priest of the Temple.

On the 30th of the November 2003 the iconostasis wasa build.

Since December 2003 regular pilgrimages trips were renewed.

On the 21st of MArch 2004 the coordinative council was held to interrelate the temple of the God's Mother icon "Derzhavnaya" and the administration of the centre "Gelios". Senior Priest of the temple Dimitryi Kuligin takes part in the pedagogical meetings, works out measures to help pupils with psycological problems. It is very important for our pupils bacause "Gelios" is a proofing educational institution.

On the 18th of the May 2004 on the birthday of St.Nickolay II the pupils of the children's home "Gelios" and the parishioners and their children with respectable icon of the Tzar son Alexey took part in a traditional city's religious procession (with cross and banners) from Savior on the blood Cathedral to Kazanskyi Cathedral on Nevskyi Avenue.